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All things were brought into being out of the Dream Sea by the One True God, a being of immense power who has not been seen in any of the planes for millennia. Some, on the Planes of the Dome, remember the One True God, but can't quite recall its name; on Golgotha, not a soul recalls the God, or the tragedy which divided the planes. In fact, the Golgothans have no idea that planes other than their own exist. Only one ancient Shinnam, trapped on Golgotha by his own amnesiac condition, has any idea that something is wrong, but he can't quite remember the details...

In the aftermath, there was only one true nation in the plane -- a wide web of information that kept even the outlying lands up to date -- and within that nation, various groups established counties and baronies, to rule themselves more traditionally, within the web that was Golgotha. The traditional order that had permeated the plane and all its interactions was gone, and the new information-driven political structure took hold.

The kingdom of Golgotha is divided into five counties, each with three or four baronies. Golgotha was once a rich land: green and forested with healthy soil and clean air, but in the past several centuries, it has been on the decline. A sense of decay permeates the atmosphere here, and undead wander the night, having nowhere else to go. But for the presence of a few minor deities, the plane itself would long ago have died.

While Golgotha is the only kingdom in the plane, and the only plane in the kingdom, there are some internal divisions. Primarily, the three main continents of the world are divided unequally into five counties: County Amber, County Carroll, County Miri, Plumgrove County, and Ravenswood County. There is also a small neutral territory -- The Dying Islands -- that encompasses several scarred and magically active islands between the Blue Tower and the Barony of Treedwellers.

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