The Beginning

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So, there you were, completely content in your mundane doings, one fine morning in early Asmodae, when a small gnomish monk appeared at your door with a letter for you. He handed you the missive, and, without waiting for a reply, vanished back into the mists from which he'd come. Looking around questioningly to see if anyone else had noticed this unusual event, you opened the letter:

Atva's Letter

Malahida 9, Second Donkey, Calomar
Lord of Sorrows Mnemostic, Kentlake

Kafziel, Lord of Solitude and Tears, Father of Memory, has need of your services. You will, of course, be rewarded handsomely for what aid you render unto him, but be warned, neither the journey, nor the solution, will come easily.

Please make use of the enclosed maps and meet me at the Sturgeon and Manticore in North Glassridge, Kentlake, for more details. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Mnemosyne Atva

Now, it wasn't as though you were an awful person, but you'd always been at least a bit of a social misfit, and the idea that a god needed your help was just preposterous. You peered into the map case again while contemplating whether this was all an elaborate joke, and discovered three maps, each detailing some part of your route:


Well, you thought, pulling on your boots as you studied the maps, if it was all a prank, they'd be laughing anyway, and at least no one here would miss you. You packed your bag, and set out that night, Asmodae 4, Second Year of the Donkey, in the reign of King Calomar.