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The Barony of Starbright belongs entirely to the Drow, both below and above ground. The surface is very simple; Surface Drow tend to dislike cities, and gather in small farming communities, instead. However, these Drow are Starbright's first defense; do not let their rural architecture fool you. Also on the surface are the only accepted entrances to the barony, the Merchant Yards. If you've come to trade with Starbright's merchants, you'll have to stop here, first, and be led to your place in the markets, because any unaccompanied wanderers in the barony will be sacrificed as gifts from the gods.

Below the surface, Starbright is filled with glowing urban beauty. Spires rise into the heights of the deep, dim caverns, lit with fluorescent fungi in colours rainbows only dream of; pools of clear, clean water, filtered through the ground, reflect the staggering glory of the city's pinnacles in rippling, Daliesque caricature. Among these spires, reside the true hearts of Starbright's Drow. Shrines and temples to the six Black Gods rise from gardens of mushrooms and undreamed of things, the Academy cricks its eight spires toward the hidden sky, the onion-domed retreat of the Tentsi Hosu gleams knowingly from the top of Lunlunte Hill. Perhaps more awe-inspiring than all of these, are the Academy, and the building which sits upon it: Starbright Hall.

  • Leader: Matriarch Tayaminyo Shitora
  • Second: First Daughter Tayaminyo Saha
  • Gov't Popularity: Feared, respected
  • Allies: None
  • Rivals: Everyone
  • Imports: Grains
  • Exports: Rice, wood, game meats, semi-tropical fruits, pumice, obsidian, gems
  • Major Industries:
  • Resources: Fresh water, wood, game meats, volcanic minerals, semi-tropical fruits
  • Population:


Starbright is along the western coast of County Ravenswood, bordering on both Midian Barony and Deadtree Barony.

Local Culture

Starbright is the single most racially exclusive barony in all of Golgotha. The only residents are the Drow and their experiments.

Names to Know

The important families of Starbright are listed first, as no single Drow is as important as the whole of her Liyusu.

Tayaminyo Liyusu
The Tayaminyo Liyusu is among the rare clans of Starbright better known for their fierce and loyal warriors than their dangerous and cunning priestesses. They are recently the first family, having displaced the former first family -- Zogen Liyusu -- in a bold and swift series of assassinations, making them the first Iblisian family to hold the title in seven ruing generations. Those who remain of the displaced Zogen Liyusu now serve as a lesser branch of the Tayaminyo Matriarchy.

  • Shitora (Grand Matriarch of Starbright)
  • Ei (First Acolyte/Matriarch in Absentia)
  • Saha (First Daughter of Starbright)
  • Shinyu (Wizard)

Kinshiron Liyusu The Kinshiron Liyusu have securely stood as the second family for three ruling generations, never foolish enough to try for the first family's throne, but always willing to quietly and discreetly fund attacks on the first family. By keeping the Grand Matriarch's Liyusu unstable, the Kinshiron are better able to take temporary control of certain strategic positions that suit their needs, but do not become saddled with the responsibility of those posts. One of the Matriarch's sons serves the goddess Memeth, directly, in her research in Midian.

  • Yumehe (Matriarch)

Hensa Liyusu The Hensa Liyusu also contributed a son to the goddess Memeth's call for loyal research assistants, and this move has ensured their continued place in the Second Ring, as Starbright's third family.

  • Katsihe (Matriarch)

Hantoli (Phandri) Liyusu
The Hantoli Liyusu is guaranteed its home in the Second Ring of Starbright Hall by the position the eldest son of the Matriarch holds with the goddess Memeth. They are currently the fourth family -- high enough to be noble, but generally considered harmless, as the current ruling generation was composed mostly of sons. The Liyusu is referred to as 'Phandri' by the youngest son, because he's figured out that that's the sound of it as a Wild Elven name.

  • Tatzuyo (recently declared Matriarch)
  • Yowa (First Acolyte)
  • Moghendhim (Mogenshimu -- again, he poses as a Wild Elf. Believed to be deceased.)
  • Kaliei (Assassin)
  • Shibin Ei (deceased)
  • Suhenka (living in Midian)

Yuhin Liyusu The Yuhin Liyusu, fifth family of Starbright, is far better known for its wizards than its clerics. The Yuhin have run the Academy for eight ruling generations, and appropriate fear of the professoriate has kept them securely within the Second Ring.

  • Mokora (Matriarch)


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