Shibin Ei Phandri

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Drow Fighter/Rogue (Lawful Neutral)

Vital Statistics

Sex Age Height Weight Hair Eyes Skin Handedness
M 137 5'3" 100 Black Gold Black Ambidextrous


Shibin is immoral, but not evil. He lacks a moral spectrum, entirely, preferring to rely on ethics and survival instincts.


Shibin Ei Phandri is dead. He was Moghendhim's older brother, and died in an assassination by their middle brother Kaliei. Moghendhim found him dying, and Shibin's sheer force of will and desire to live allowed him to force his spirit into his youngest brother's body. (And, you know, it might also have had something to do with his oldest sister being less than careful where she dropped her divine items...)

Shibin is always and only there when Moghendhim needs him most. Every time Moghendhim is struck, Shibin Ei makes a contested Ego roll against Moghendhim's Willpower, to take control. While Shibin is consistently aware of Moghendhim, Moghendhim has no awareness at all of Shibin, believing his brother long dead.

Character Sheet

PDF character sheet (Shibin Ei Phandri)