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Ostia: the world divided

Welcome to Ostia, a world divided. Its planes are disturbingly familiar, yet strikingly different from any you have travelled before. In Ostia, all things were brought into being out of the Dream Sea by the One True God, a being of immense power who has not been seen in any of the planes for millenia. Some, on the Planes of the Dome, remember the One True God, but can't quite recall its name; on Golgotha, not a soul recalls the God, or the tragedy which divided Ostia. In fact, the Golgothans have no idea that planes other than their own exist. Only one ancient Shinnam, trapped on Golgotha by his own amnesiac condition, has any idea that something is wrong, but he can't quite remember the details...

No more information will be listed here than what we have given our players, so if you're looking to use Ostia as a campaign setting, make up your own stuff, or wait for us to get there. These pages will advance with our campaign, so keep watching!

While this is primarily a 3.0 setting, some content was created with the help of the d20 3.5 SRD.

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