Hantoli Suhenka

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Drow Paladin (Neutral Evil)

Vital Statistics

Sex Age Height Weight Hair Eyes Skin Handedness
M 194 4'10" 102 Silvery White Light Blue Black Left


Suhenka frequently comes across as distant and somewhat self-absorbed. He is disinterested in most things that don't directly benefit him, or pertain to his mission. The exception to this is the Harmody Tashbet, whom he has taken for a mate, to maintain his cover. Suhenka is rarely argumentative and is frequently open to ideas about genetics and history that horrify and disgust even the Midianites. Often, he is referred to as the Defender of Mapdet, the town in which he lives, because his Drow territorialism is so ingrained, that it applies to any community he finds himself a part of. Still, in the end, it's his home he cares about, and not anyone else's.


Suhenka is the oldest of his mother's children -- not just the oldest son, but the oldest child. As such, he was raised to be a paladin of Memeth, a defender of the New Birth. Around the time he turned 110, the goddess called upon the families of Starbright to provide her with the most loyal, but disposable, adherents to her cause -- which immediately ruled out nearly all the daughters -- and Suhenka was one of five sent to Midian, to settle, live, and send reports back on the nature of the natural new breeds, there.

This caused no end of trouble with his sister -- he had only one when he left -- as she saw no reason that a male, even one of her own blood, should be allowed to report directly to the goddess. However, it is Suhenka's position that has guaranteed his family's place within Starbright Hall, until such time as he is recalled or loses favour.