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The Drow of Golgotha possess the entire Barony of Starbright, near central Golgotha, and live both on the surface and in the caverns beneath the barony. This chapter will examine both the Surface Drow and the Deep Drow, their culture, appearance, and habits.


In a fantastic reversal of the way things ought to be (tm), the Drow living on the surface of Starbright are of a lighter skintone than their cavern-dwelling cousins. It has been postulated that this is a slow evolution into a skin tone with better camouflage potential on the surface. These "Grey Drow," as they are sometimes called, often have charcoal coloured skin, and pale yellow to deep gold hair, as compared to the bluish-silver hair of the Deep Drow. Their eyes are often gold or green, a reaction to living with the sun.


These appear to be typical, cavern-dwelling, black skinned Drow. They most often have bluish-silver hair, and light coloured eyes, with red, blue, and lavender being most common eye colours.