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Arel Barbarian/Fighter (Chaotic Evil)



Height Weight Eyes Hair Skin
6'1" 235 Burgundy Brown Golden


Dahak had been a hunter, then a warrior, and finally a warlord, armies of the plain under his command. Well, that was until he’d gotten stuck in this hick plane, and slowly sank into a depressive funk. As the millenia passed, the funk got worse, and Dahak began to recognise the power he had over his prison. He can’t remember what came, before, but the roars of battle and the smell of blood still please him. Drawing on the rage of the people of Golgotha, he drew himself up and declared himself the Lord of Frenzy, a god of these hopelessly fragile nations.



Dahak is subject to homicidal mania, directed at anything, living or unliving, that happens to be nearby.


Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness


Barbarians, Berzerkers, Beasts, Brawling, Chaos, Discord, Destruction, Massacres, Panic, Rage, Slaughter, Strife