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During the Planar Split, the inhabitants of Golgotha lost their memories, and to an extent, their languages, as well. When the plane came back online, entirely different languages took hold, and none could read what came before. It was a time of confusion and strife, as the Shinnam Kafziel tried to reassert order on the plane, with the help of Mairyah.

Kafziel, called the Lord of Memory, because he alone had strange visions of the past, brought language and unity to the land, establishing halls of records -- houses of memory -- called mnemostics, and an order of monks and clerics called the mnemosynai.

In the aftermath, there was only one true nation in the plane -- a wide web of information that kept even the outlying lands up to date -- and within that nation, various groups established counties and baronies, to rule themselves more traditionally, within the web that was Golgotha. The traditional order that had permeated the plane and all its interactions was gone, and the new information-driven political structure took hold.

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